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Momosan Ramen & Sake

At Momosan, noodles are front and center. Whether indulging in a bowl of signature tonkotsu ramen, tokyo chicken ramen, tantan, or tsukemen, you’ll realize it is quality you can only find dining with an Iron Chef. Stop by alone and grab a seat, or with a group and relax at one of the communal tables. Drop in for a lunch set, or feast on appetizers and noodles for dinner.  Wash it all down with a Morimoto signature sake, beer, or wine. No matter which path you choose, with your meal in the hands of Momo-san, it’s bound to be unforgettable.

Please select one of our Momosan locations below:

Momosan // Lexington

April 13, 2023

Momosan // Waikiki

April 13, 2023

Momosan // Seattle

April 13, 2023

Momosan // Santana Row

April 13, 2023

Momosan // Wynwood

April 11, 2023

Momosan // Boston

April 10, 2023

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